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The Science

Real-time neuro-monitoring technology, implemented to track and improve sleep

Sensing technology

7 data in a single device

Eye movement icon

Eye movement


Facial muscle movement

Muscle activity


Heart rate

Heart rate


Head motion

Head motion


Brain activity

Brain activity


Blood oxygen level



Breathing rhythm

Breathing rhythm


All these important bio-data are collected to inform and guide our sleep therapy right on the spot. 

Our neuro-data

Indistinguishable from

the sleep tracking gold standards

Earable's brain activity measurement compared to PSG's

The combination of 8 sensors Earable's sleep aid device allows you to take advantage of hospitals' sleep monitoring gold standard in the comfort of your own bed

Earable app screens: good signal and brain activity

89 % in agreement

The main metric

Sleepiness level

Applying machine learning to neuro-data at 3 different points to determine your current sleepiness level to derive personalized solutions and non-invasive audio and light stimulations

Sleep probability progression

Chart of increasing sleepiness level, as measured by Earable's algorithm

Probability of sleep

We can measure your probability of falling asleep in real-time, after mapping thousands of hours of neuro-data. To determine

If you're ready to go to bed

If the sleep therapy and stimulation are working

If you feel refreshed after waking up

Sleep therapy to help with insomnia

In applying personalized program selection and non-invasive neuro-stimulations, we reduced the time to fall asleep by more than half

Improvement in sleep onset latency

Chart showing subjects reducing their sleep onset duration after using Earable

Personalized sleep solution

Based on real time accurate sleep monitoring 

Sleepiness level

Real time therapy


Earable's real time therapy to increase sleepiness level and help you fall asleep faster

Clinical trials

Tested and proven

1,250 subjects

with sleep onset duration over 30 minutes, tested over 2,100 sleep sessions

86 %

of subjects see significant improvement in sleep onset latency

19 mins

average reduction in time to fall asleep. From 33 minutes to 14 minutes, improved by 58%

Experts behind the science

Healthcare meets AI

Tam Vu, Earable's CEO

Tam Vu - PhD

Oxford University

Robin Deterding, Earable's Chief Medical Officer

Robin Deterding, Dr.

Children's Hospital Colorado

Medical and techology partners

Medical partners' logo: MIT, Children's Hospital Colorado, UChealth
Science partners' logo: Oxford University, Colorado University, Johns Hopkins Medicine


Awards: Google Research Awards, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Signmobile, SK


Earable app screen: Sleep stages

Get the sleep you deserve


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