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World’s First Sleep Aid Device 

with Real-time Personalized Sleep Therapy

Health screening icon

Health screenings

Monitor and give early warnings of potential health risks

Device features

Built around your sleep health

Health screenings

Monitor and give early warnings of potential health risks

Sleep monitoring

Accurately measure all relevant sleep indicators like sleepiness, sleep deepness, awakeness


Non-invasively stimulate your mind with audio and light to optimize sleep to your need

Smart alarm

Determine the exact optimal moment to wake you up in the morning so that you feel the most refreshed

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Making sure that you will

Sleep Faster

Sleep Deeper

Wake Up Refreshed

The device

All-in-one sleep aid device

Bone-conduction audio

Bio-sensor electrodes

Power port and controls

Size extender

Breathable band

Eye mask

Companion app features

Easy to use

Uniquely for you


Sleep Scoring

Sleep scoring is 89% accurate, compared to hospitals and clinics' gold standard

3 Use Modes

Make the most use of the device, many use cases for your day

Night sleep

Midday nap


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Personalized Sleep Better Program

Based on accumulated bio-data recordings and sleep ratings 

Personalized recommendations to improve sleep habits and sleep hygiene

Used by millions worldwide in major hospitals

Customized by experts from Oxford, Hopkins and Stanford

Easy to Use

Only 2 taps away from a good sleep

Intuitive design

In-app support

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Earable Sleep Aid Device




What is Earable device

Earable is a EEG sleep aid device which utilizes patented brain monitoring technologies to track, and improve sleep using personalized sleep therapy

Battery life

The device uses lithium-ion battery that lasts 10 hours of continuous use. PD Quick charge allows 1 hour use with 5 minute charge

What does Earable measure

Earable uses multiple neuro-sensors and bio-sensors to measure: - Brain activity - Eye movement - Facial muscle movement - Heart rate - Blood oxygen level - Breathing rhythm - Headmotion

Why headband?

Only through accurate sleep monitoring - from brain activity, can you deliver clinically and scientifically proven sleep improvement therapy. Devices placed on the wrist simply do not provide reliable sleep data.

What is bone-conduction audio

Bone conduction audio delivers the vibration through your skull, instead of through the ears, for better comfort and environment awareness

What phone operation systems are compatible?

The Earable app is available on both iOS and Android.

How often can you use Earable?

Earable device is built to use daily. As EEG is completely safe, there is zero potential harm to your health.

What algorithms are used?

We have built our own algorithms that identify patterns in your brainwaves, focusing on sleep. The main ones are Sleepiness Level and Sleep Deepness.

Is Earable a medical device

No Earable is not a medical device. We do not intend to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any medical issues.

Shipping and return

What's the warranty duration

All devices come with a one-year warranty.

Can I get a refund?

We make sure that you love the product and never want to part with it. But if you do, simple send us a request within 30 days.

When will it ship?

The device is expected to ship by November, 2021

What payment methods are available?

We accept all card payments, including (Visa, mastercard, JCB, etc...), paypal as well as bank transfer.


Why EEG?

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is the standard of measuring brain activity. Therefore, it is the most reliable way to monitor sleep, or any neuro-metrics.

Is EEG safe?

EEG has been hospitals' standard for many years and is considered safe. The electrodes only record activity. They do not produce any sensation or discomfort.

Where was Earable's technology developed?

All of Earable's patented technologies came out of MNS Lab (mnslab.org) - a jointly-operated lab between Oxford University and Colorado University, headed by Tam Vu, Ph.D, Earable's founder and CEO

I would like start a study using Earable

If you want to start a study using the headband, please contact: contact@earable.ai

Why is research headband more expensive than the consumer headband?

We offer additional services needed for research, including access to raw data, algorithms, as well as technical support, data management services, documentation.

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