Founders Fund & SmileGate Investment lead $6.6 Million Pre-A Round to back Earable’s vision to build

Earable, a neuroscience company that combines the power of medical-grade health technology with artificial intelligence into a wearable headset that aims to enhance human intelligence, has announced a $6.6 million Pre-A stage fundraise.

Founded by a Sloan-awarded professor (Dr. Tam Vu - Oxford University and Colorado University) and an industry expert with decades of medical experience (Dr. Robin Deterding), “Earable is expected to unlock the way we communicate with our brain and enhance human potential,” said Keith Rabois, General Partner of Founders Fund.

The company uses innovative brain sensing technologies, AI, neural science, and behavioral science to accurately measure various brain and emotional stages, improve cognitive behavior, and help people in daily mental activities with personalized and real-time assistance. Its first product, a wearable headset combining a bone-conduction headphone with 7 biometric sensing technologies that can improve people’s sleep during the night and focus during the day, will be launched in early 2022. “We have validated our product through lab studies on more than one thousand subjects. The outcomes were promising with more than 88% of sleep tracking accuracy compared to hospital’ “gold standard” polysomnography and showed significant improvement in subjects’ recovery metrics”, said Tam Vu, CEO & Founder of Earable.

“We're just getting started unlocking the brain's potential.”, saidDr. Sangtae Ha - VP of AI and Data Analytics of Earable, “but we have great hope for a future where wearable health technology can both enhance human intelligence and quell preventable diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s”, Ha added.

Stay tuned for what's to come

P.S. Join us in our mission to enhance human cognitive potentials: We are hiring!

Cheers, Tam Vu Co-founder and CEO, Earable