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The Future of Sleep Aid

EEG Sleep Aid Wearable designed to help you relax, unwind and drift into a deep restorative sleep.

2,000 customers have improved their sleep within the first 7 days

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

We improve your sleep in 3 ways

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Fall Asleep


Relaxes your mind and body, puts to you sleep in 15 minutes or less

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Deep Sleep

Deepens your sleep by increasing delta and theta waves in the brain

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Wake Up


Wakes you up at the optimal moment to minimize sleep inertia, maximize energy level

App features

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Sleep Therapy

Customized by experts at Oxford, Hopkins, Stanford and used by millions worldwide

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Audio and light closed loop stimulations based on neuro-activity collected in realtime

EEG Technology

Neuro-sensing technology with accuracy on par with hospitals' gold standard polysomnography

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Express Use Modes

Only a few taps away from a good night sleep, a mindful meditation session or meaningful sleep insights

Customers' experience

It is very calming. The audio quality is good while not blocking your ears. Need to populate the sound library

Huy N.

Sr. Investment Banking Analyst

The background music and guided sleep therapies are very soothing. It relaxes and puts me to sleep

Michael M.

Journalist, Editor-in-chief

from our 1-week pilot program


of customers have reduced their time to fall asleep by at up to 60 minutes.


of customers reported having  improved sleep in some way


went on to pre-order after a one-week trial period

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Founder's note

1 in 3 US adults report sleeping under 7 hours on average.


Almost half of all Americans say they feel sleepy 3-7 days a week, despite the increasing awareness of mental health and number of sleep aid solutions.

The sleep hurdles people experience the most are:

1. Inability to fall asleep.

2. Not having sufficient continuous deep sleep.

3. Not having an accurate way to track their sleep in order to upkeep and good sleep schedule.

That's why we created Earable - to improve the world's sleep, mental health and cognitive functions. 

Sleep is personal, so should the methods to improve it be. With Earable, we created a convenient way to track sleep with hospital-grade accuracy and provide personalized sleep therapy based on that. It's a sleep aid built just for you.

In the first half of 2020, we have served over 2,000 customers in our pilot campaign, saving a total of 667 hours of people lying wide awake. 

So whether you're struggling to sleep every night, or just finding a better way to relax, to be mindful, Earable can help.

We'd love for you to start taking better care of yourself.


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Oxford University

Colorado University


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Get your much deserved sleep